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Energen Raises 2017 Production Guidance on Strength of Gen 3 Frac Performance

2017 Production Now Estimated to Increase Approximately 29% from Prior Year

Energen Board Unanimously Supports Continued Execution of Company’s Business Plan

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 19, 2017-- Energen Corporation (NYSE: EGN) today announced that it is raising its 2017 production guidance on the continued strength of results from wells completed with the Generation 3 frac design. In light of this performance, and following an in-depth review of the company’s business plan, strategic alternatives, and the macroeconomic backdrop of the energy industry, the Board of Directors of Energen also announced that it has unanimously determined that continuing to execute the company’s business plan is the best path to enhancing shareholder value.

Energen Raises CY17 Production Guidance

As Energen successfully implements its 2017 drilling and development program, management has continued to closely monitor results of new wells completed with its Gen 3 frac design and has seen the production impact on two-thirds of the second quarter. Given continued Gen 3 outperformance, the company today is raising its total 2017 production estimate to 70.2 mboepd, or 5.9 percent higher than prior guidance. This brings the company’s year-over-year production growth to an estimated 29 percent (prior guidance was 21 percent). Energen’s 2017 drilling and development capital expenditure guidance remains unchanged at $850-$900 million.

“As we observe the wells turned to production in the 2nd quarter, we continue to achieve excellent results attributable to our Generation 3 frac design,” said Energen Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James McManus. “With early results from these wells, we now have data on the impact of Gen 3 fracs in all key areas of our 2017 drilling and development program.

“We are very excited by the performance we are achieving,” McManus said. “Importantly, it supports our view that 2017 is a breakout year for Energen that underscores our top-tier assets and solid execution.”

Enhancing Shareholder Value

With input from financial advisors J.P. Morgan and Tudor Pickering Holt & Co., the Energen Board reviewed its strategic alternatives and unanimously concluded that the best way to enhance shareholder value is continued execution of the company’s business plan. This examination took into consideration input from numerous shareholders and analyzed Energen’s top-tier assets, its improving execution, and the broader macroeconomic and commodity price environment.

“Over the last several years, Energen has taken decisive actions to reduce leverage, enhance operating margins, and position the company as a pure-play Permian Basin oil and gas exploration and production company,” said McManus. “At the same time, we have remained focused on further optimization of well performance and returns through continued evolution of frac designs and well spacing across multiple formations. We continue to drive enhanced returns through operational efficiency, as demonstrated by significant declines in our per-unit expenses.

“With a high-quality asset base, a strong balance sheet, and an experienced and capable workforce, Energen is well-positioned for growth and shareholder value creation,” McManus added. “Energen is committed to maintaining both a robust dialogue with its shareholders and an open mind with respect to value creation opportunities, now and in the future.”

CY17 Quarterly Guidance

The largest increase in quarterly guidance is approximately 14% in 2Q17, the quarter in which 41 gross and net horizontal, operated wells completed with Gen 3 fracs are estimated to be turned to production; in quarters 3 and 4, approximately 30 gross/29 net wells and 32 gross/26 net wells, respectively, are estimated to be turned to production. Energen’s 4Q17 exit rate is now estimated to be 53 percent higher than the 4Q16 exit rate; prior guidance was 47 percent.

Revised Production Guidance (mboepd)

By Basin             1Q17a       2Q17e       3Q17e       4Q17e CY17e
Midland Basin             31.8      


      40.6       42.1 38.8

Delaware Basin










Central Basin Platform/Other             8.3       7.7       8.0       7.8 8.0
Total             52.8       71.1       74.8       81.9 70.2

Note: Totals may not sum due to rounding

By Commodity                       1Q17a       2Q17e       3Q17e       4Q17e CY17e
Oil                       33.3       44.9       47.9       53.4 44.9
NGL                       8.9       12.8       12.9       13.7 12.1
Gas                       10.6       13.5       13.9       14.7 13.2
Total                       52.8       71.1       74.8       81.9 70.2

Note: Totals may not sum due to rounding


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